Kindergarten tip sheet

One of the most important steps in deciding when to send a child to kindergarten is knowing what your school expects from students.

Some school districts require a screening test to check the academic knowledge of students. The test results do not prevent children from enrolling in kindergarten in public schools. Private schools have different rules.

Many school districts prefer to arrange their classes by levels of abilities so students do not have two extremes of academic abilities in one class.

It is highly recommended to check with the school about whether a screening test is required and an open house for parents and guardians is offered to ask questions before the school year starts. E-mailing a kindergarten teacher at the school where your child will attend a year ahead is highly recommended.

Here are some important questions to ask the school where your child will attend:

1. How many students are placed in each kindergarten class?

2. Do the teachers have aides?

3. What are the responsibilities of students- maintaining lockers, keeping school supplies in backpacks, etc.

4. How are parents informed about the weekly academic activities?

5. What kind of homework is assigned?

6. How often are students tested for material taught in class and taking standardized tests?

7. When are parent-teacher conferences be held?

8. How is academic progress tracked throughout the school year?

9.  How often are parents informed about the academic progress of their children?

10. What kind of help is offered for students falling behind academically?

11. What are the expectations of students’ academic abilities when kindergarten ends?


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