Promotion to first grade!!!!!

I have been nervously awaiting Mike’s report card for the last term. I was wondering how Mike would be marked for progress in the different areas of reading, writing, math and science.

I was shocked when I looked at the bottom and saw “Promoted to grade 1 for 2014-2015 school year”. The profanities were running through my head.

Just several weeks ago, I was sitting in the principal’s office about a remedial program to hold back Mike. Then two weeks later, Mike’s teacher told me that Mike was academically ready for first grade but then expressed concerns about his social-readiness.

I was expecting to see “Recommended for remedial program” on his report card. Of course, the teacher never informed me that she changed her mind about Mike’s placement for next year. Three weeks ago, I received a form that stated Mike was not developmentally ready for first grade and was recommended for the remedial program.

It was my choice to have Mike enter that program, move onto first grade or repeat kindergarten. Last week, I finally submitted the form to request Mike be placed in first grade.

I am still somewhat nervous about first grade for Mike, who must somehow learn addition and subtraction over the summer. He also needs to memorize how to write numbers past 12 and count to 100.

Maybe a learning disability in math is the cause. We finally got two appointments to start his learning disability evaluation in math yesterday. Sadly, the first appointment requires Mike to miss the first half of his third day of first grade. Then he will miss an afternoon of school in early September.

So I am continuing to work hard with Mike every night on his math skills, sentence writing and reading comprehension. He has the enthusiasm that will help him catch up soon with his peers. I hope to have answers about why he has issues in math in early fall and hopefully Dr. Henderson will work hard to help Mike progress in math.

This experience with kindergarten has proven that boys with summer birthdays can be successful as long as parents believe in their children and work hard to help them. We need to believe in our boys.

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