Slowly adjusting to Mike being held back for next year

Mike is not repeating kindergarten next fall but he is not going to first grade, either. His kindergarten teacher, along with the district’s other kindergarten teachers, have been working on an in-between program.

I have agreed to allow Mike to enter this new program in the fall, with the condition that he be evaluated no later than three weeks into the program to see whether Mike could move onto first grade. The principal offered an evaluation in the first month of school and I will regret not taking up on the offer.

The evaluation will give me a reality check. I will be upset if the answer about first grade is another “not recommended for Mike”. Still, it is worth having some hope.

Last May, Mike ended preschool without knowing his letter sounds and recognizing the first sounds of words. He wasn’t really ready for kindergarten with the material he mastered in preschool. Mike was prepared for kindergarten in phonics when the summer ended.

I am in full gear, getting Mike ready to recognize his numbers and understand number patterns so he can do simple addition and subtraction on his own. Each school morning, I sing numbers in 2s, 5s, and 10s in the car.

Mike has his 10s down pretty good and knows how to count in 5s up to 30 now. He struggles with counting in 2s.

Yesterday, I got him Common Core-aligned workbooks for first grade. His class next fall will have kindergarten and first grade material so these workbooks really will get him ready for his next class.

Mike responded well to completing a worksheet on counting in 5s. I have three and a half months until school starts again. This is enough time to see whether he can catch up with his peers.

So cross your fingers for Mike. He’s an eager learner whose school doesn’t have the math help that could have made him ready for first grade. Mom to the rescue!

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