The question of first grade could be answered soon

I finally had it with my nerves. Mike’s teacher still hasn’t decided on whether he will be promoted to first grade. I really don’t want to pressure her but I want to know whether I am in La La land about Mike going to first grade in the fall.

I have a meeting with the principal in the morning to talk about the options for Mike. Last week, the principal told me the district is starting a new program to retain kindergarteners not ready for first grade. The program will have some first grade curriculum so this is not a complete repeat of kindergarten.

I know so little about this program because I haven’t seen any media reports of this new program. I am wondering whether students from the other elementary schools will come for this program at Mike’s school or if his school will pilot this program.

My biggest concern is whether some kids will have behavioral issues that will affect Mike’s behavior. He already has been affected this school year by two classmates who seem to be in constant trouble.

It is just hard to think that Mike will be held back when he reads so well at home and school. Mike is struggling with recognizing numbers and doing addition and subtraction worksheets. I have three months over the summer to help him on these issues.

After all the efforts I made last summer to get Mike up to speed academically for kindergarten, I was hoping there would be less worrying about whether it was enough and Mike would be mature enough to handle all the academic demands.

I would rather hold Mike back in kindergarten than in first grade. I cannot begin to guess what this meeting will mean for Mike’s future. So I cross my fingers that I can accept whatever is offered as the best option for Mike.

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