Getting nervous about next year

In November, Mike’s teacher said she would decide who would be promoted to first grade in May.

I cannot believe that this is next month. Where did the time go? Honestly, I am scared whether Mike will be promoted to first grade. A week before Mike became sick from the stomach flu in March, he started rushing his work so much that he needed two worksheets to complete one assignment.

That phase was over after two weeks but Mike is still rushing his work. His grades are fine. Mike just got a 78 for the last nine-week term in math. That grade is up from 72 in the second term and 64 from the first term.

Mike got a 83 for reading/writing for the third term, making this an increase of 4 points since the first term.

For me, Mike has come so far. In November, his teacher and I were worried that he could not sound out words like cat, bat and mat. He read his first classroom book to his teacher in December. Students will be expected to read three sentences per page by June.

Mike is doing great reading two sentences per page. Sometimes he rushes and says the wrong word for the words he knows. Mike’s teacher says that students who struggle in reading in first grade are those students who can’t absorb sight words.

Mike had a 94 percent in sight words for the third term and he is picking up the new sight words very well.

Meanwhile, math is still a struggle but I have a wonderful, caring principal who placed Mike in an after-school math program three times a week. It is a bit crazy that a kindergartner is in an after-school program but the earlier he gets help, the better it will be for Mike.

I wish I could connect with Mike’s teacher like I can with the principal. I worked so hard to get Mike ready for kindergarten and help him throughout the school year but I don’t see the same enthusiasm for my kid from the teacher.

So, every day I tell Mike to slow down in doing his work and his preschool teacher tells him the same when she sees him several times a week. Mike can prove that summer boys with developmental delays can succeed in kindergarten with the right support.

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