Meeting declared a success

I walked out of my conference meeting at Mike’s elementary school with more confidence that hope exists for him to graduate from kindergarten this year.

I only wished that the teacher would have provided the same information to me by e-mail so this meeting could have been avoided.

Mike has been doing so well with his reading specialist that he is only being kept in the program to help boost his confidence by giving him small group attention. His scores for reading are right where they need to be for a kindergartener.

Meanwhile, Mike’s kindergarten teacher has been doing 0-20 flashcards with Mike every day so he knows his numbers. Knowing his numbers is Mike’s biggest struggle.

His teacher said he was slightly below the middle of the pack in reading. He continues to develop on the same path as the beginning of the school year. I didn’t ask where he placed in math because I know he is struggling and needs more time to catch up.

I saw Mike’s assessments in reading and math. Mike is doing great for reading and I credit that to Reading Eggs, the best $40 I’ve spent on an online program. It was disappointing to see his assessments for math.

The principal promised me that Mike will get any services that he needs in math. The teacher said before that there wasn’t help for math so I don’t know why she would say that.

Mike is still dependent on his teacher for help but he is becoming more independent. I have been reminding Mike every day before I drop him off to school that he needs try to do his work on his own.

I am continuing to work hard with Mike at night so he continues to progress in kindergarten. He can succeed in kindergarten even with being the youngest student and having developmental delays.

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