Nerves shot over lack of communication

My meeting with Mike’s kindergarten teacher has yet to happen. The teacher had a family emergency and needed me to reschedule last Monday.

Thankfully, the principal understands I want the school’s staff to do whatever it takes to help my son with developmental delays. But still I do not know what concerns the teacher has with Mike’s progress. It’s a frustrating place to be when half the school year is over.

I was hoping to learn the time when I would meet with school staff today sometime yesterday afternoon. The principal wants to meet with me and the Student Support Team counselor. But my luck, the principal is very sick with the flu. The hoops I have to jump through just to have a meeting.

I have been trying to figure out what is being expected of my son as a kindergartener. I e-mailed the director of curriculum, assessment and development to ask her what material is covered in kindergarten and what a student needs to accomplish to be promoted to kindergarten.

That director forwarded my message to the district psychologist, the woman who apparently answers questions that could be sensitive. My two main concerns weren’t even addressed. The district psychologist only answered my concerns by telling me that the proper procedure was followed with my son to evaluate him for possible disabilities that would make him eligible to receive an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

So the expectations are a big hush-hush, apparently. I do not understand why the district psychologist avoided my questions.

I thought the district would be more open to answer parents’ questions with the new superintendent. Staff from the district came to Mike and Steve’s preschool to see what is taught to students coming into the district. Then, at least one preschool teacher will visit a kindergarten classroom in my district.

This new development made it seem that the district would be more open about communicating its expectations for students to parents.

Whatever the reasons for not telling me the district’s standards, I hope I will have a meeting with someone working for the district soon.

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