Nervous about another teacher meeting

Back in November, Mike’s teacher told me that if Mike continued to have problems we would meet again in January. Well, that meeting is on Monday and I am nervous.

I wrote a note in Mike’s folder asking Mrs. Warner whether we would need to meet this month. I was hoping Mrs. Warner would say no and send me information on Mike’s progress by e-mail.

I would be calmer about this meeting if Mrs. Warner would have told me in her e-mail message about her concerns about Mike. I have been frustrated by the lack of communication from Mrs. Warner. I initiate all communication and Mrs. Warner never expresses any sympathy or emotions to help me stay calm.

Right now, Mike’s grades aren’t too bad. His reading/writing grade is an 81 and math is a 68. His math grade seems low but it is much better than the 60 he had in December.

I am concerned about Mike’s math grade so I e-mailed the district’s director of curriculum, assessment and development about help Mike could get in math. I knew her when she was a high school principal. It sounds a bit extreme to contact someone so high-ranked in district administration but I need to make sure Mike gets the help he needs.

The administrator called the school principal to have him contact the Student Support Team so it is aware of Mike’s issues in math. If Mike doesn’t make the progress he should be making, Mike will be re-evaluated.

I was hoping that Mike somehow would be eligible for an IEP (Individualized Education Program) back in September to keep me, the teacher and school staff on the same page and make them have regular contact with me about Mike’s progress.

But now I will have to see what can be done for Mike without an IEP to make sure he gets the services he needs to succeed in school.

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