Mike gives his teacher a surprise

I pick up Mike from school every day and last week I had a surprising interaction with his teacher. She wanted to talk to me and Mrs. Warner seemed so happy.

Mike read a level one reader book to her with fluency. Mike has been sounding out words on Reading Eggs for a week. I was wondering when he would show this ability in school.

It was surprising the book that Mike had read to his teacher. The words were ones that Mike started practicing two days ago. I can imagine the shock Mrs. Warner felt when she witnessed Mike read the book to her.

It was only a week ago that I approached her about how Mike was doing in reading words because he began sounding out words at home. Mrs. Warner said Mike needed to sound out words more consistently in class.

Then one week later, Mike is reading a book in school. It was only a month ago that Mrs. Warner had concerns that Mike couldn’t put sounds together to read words.

I am so grateful for finding Reading Eggs. I know free programs exist online to help kids to read but the $40 US dollars I spent for a 6 months subscription have been so well spent.

Mike is about to finish the seventh map of 12 maps in the program. He still has a love for the program after three months. That says a lot when kids can easily get bored with programs.

Now, only if I could find a similar program for math for Mike. He is struggling with one-on-one correspondence in math. Once, he gets over this struggle, I will glow like a light bulb over my son taking on the developmental delays like a champ.



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