Picking off the pattern problem

Patterns have been dragging down Mike’s math grade since September. I think I have finally found a way to help Mike.

His wonderful preschool teacher bought him Scholastic patterns learning mats and Mini-Dino Counters to help Mike with patterns. I am surviving this rough year thanks to all of her support and help.

I tried using cars and trains from Mike’s room to help with patterns but that didn’t work well. Maybe the different colors on the toys were distracting for Mike.

There is so much that can be used for patterns from my home without buying anything but Mike loves dinosaurs like so many boys.

The bright colors of Mini-Dino Counters have Mike completely focused on the task of figuring out patterns. Scholastic patterns learning mats are nicely designed to keep Mike excited to work on patterns.

I started thinking lately about why patterns are such a big deal in kindergarten.  I realized that Mike will have to understand counting by twos, threes, fours, etc., also known as  number patterns, when math gets harder in first grade.

If I had known before kindergarten that patterns were so important, I would have worked on it with Mike over the summer. But I like the variety the patterns games are adding to Mommy’s night school.

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