Nervous about parent-teacher conference

I was feeling good about Mike’s parent-teacher conference scheduled for Tuesday until I saw his newly posted grades on Friday afternoon.

His math grade tumbled to a terrible low of 65 and his reading/writing grade increased one point to 82. Then, more grades were posted on Sunday night. His math grade dropped to 64.

Thankfully, his reading/writing grade has bounced up a little to 79 this morning after dropping to 77 overnight.

The final grades for the term will be posted on Nov. 11 and I am getting nervous about that date.

I was pretty calm about the parent-teacher conference after I talked to Mike’s teacher during the class “Harvest” party. Heaven forbid, a Halloween party be called what it really is.

The teacher said Mike was doing better and I had nothing to be concerned about the conference. She knew Mike got a zero on a math pattern test when she said that so I don’t get how she determines when students’ performance should become concerns.

Mike did get full credit for a positions test. That same test a month ago Mike received an 80 so this is good news. But I am seeing Mike gets 50s and 60s a lot on his math classwork and tests.

I am thrilled that Mike got a 100 and 90 on two writing activities to give his reading/writing grade a 2-point boost. I’ll take any increase right now.

Thankfully, Mike’s science grade is sitting pretty at 100 and the social studies grade is still a 93.

Meanwhile, I am working hard at bedtime to get Mike back where he should be in his class. Kindergarten is really work for parents and students these days.

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