Love for a preschool teacher

This past summer, I was worried whether I would be able to catch up Mike with his classmates before kindergarten started. Thankfully, Mike had a wonderful preschool teacher who was so emotionally supportive while I stressed all summer.

Mike never would have been so prepared if I didn’t have his preschool teacher keeping me calm all summer. It is really true that one teacher can make all the difference.

I am so lucky Mike had Mrs. Stevens as a teacher. I almost switched preschools.

Mike’s three-year-old class teacher, who also was the director, wanted him to repeat the class. I really wanted Mike to be in the five-day class in the fall.  I thought Mike needed that class to get him ready for kindergarten, instead of a three-day class, but the five-day class was too advanced with Mike having developmental delays.

So, Mike was registered for the three-day class. Meanwhile, I had to find a 2-year-old program for my younger son, Steve. Mike’s preschool didn’t have a program.

Late in the summer, I started seeing signs around town for a 2-year-old program at Mike’s preschool. I was surprised that I hadn’t heard about it before. I already found a preschool for Steve a few miles from my house, with some interest in switching Mike to the same school.

So I decided to give Mike’s preschool another chance. As soon as I met Mrs. Stevens, I told her I would appreciate her having an open mind about sending Mike to kindergarten next fall even though he has a  late summer birthday. She said she would be open-minded and I bet she was thinking, “This mom is going to be ‘fun’ for the year. ”

I  regularly asked Mrs. Stevens about how Mike was doing socially and picking up academic material. I started questioning by e-mail in January about how Mike was doing to get ready for kindergarten.

Mrs. Stevens answered all my concerns and offered suggestions to help Mike, who was starting to really adore Mrs. Stevens. She greets her students with hugs and kisses. Mrs. Stevens reminds me of my kindergarten teacher, who was my favorite.

Mike started ABCMouse Early Learning Academy  in January to get ready for kindergarten. He brought his certificates each time he finished a level to Mrs. Stevens, who was very supportive and encouraging.

The support continued throughout the summer and even continues today. Mike comes to his preschool for his hugs and kisses from Mrs. Stevens before I drop him off to kindergarten, a few blocks away.

Mike glows before he goes to kindergarten, where there aren’t hugs nor kisses. Hopefully, he will understand one day how lucky he was to have Mrs. Stevens as his preschool teacher.

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