Starting to see improvement

I had been feeling nervous about if I made the right decision to send Mike to kindergarten as a young 5-year-old. Then I saw his grades for this week and I am starting to feel a little less nervous.

Mike’s social studies grade went slightly up from 95 to 97 percent. He got his first science grade, 100 percent, for a weather graphing activity.

Thankfully, he moved up his writing/reading grade to 84 percent after it dropped to 81 percent from its original 88 percent. This grade is broken down into three areas – reading comprehension, phonics and sight words.

Mike has an 86 for reading comprehension and 83 for phonics and sight words.

His grade in math has stayed at 72 percent, which I don’t want to go any lower. Mike got a 100 percent for a number identification and graphing worksheet.

He was tested again in graphing, where he got a 63 percent, and patterns, where he got a 67. The graphing grade was a drop from 70 percent and the patterns grade was an increase from 60 percent last week.

This coming week, his teacher will start small group sessions for students struggling with class material. I am hoping that Mike will have sessions to help him in math, rhyming and ending sounds.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for my Preschool Prep Series sight words pack to come in the mail. The pack was highly recommended by a mom on Cafe Mom. This will really help Mike with his sight words, hopefully.

If Mike really responds to this series, I will order the phonics blends DVD and the digraphs DVD. Digraphs are two combined letters that make only one sound like wh. I want Mike to start sounding out words, not just memorizing them.

Now, I just need to find a great DVD series to explain simple math to Mike and he will be set to take on the challenges of 21st century kindergarten much easier.

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