Mike can read!

I have been waiting for one moment for a longtime, the day Mike could read. It finally happened three weeks ago, thanks to ReadingEggs.

Mike became such an expert on letter sounds that I thought it was time for him to be challenged. I looked online for a program to teach Mike to read.

The first night Mike used ReadingEggs he read his first sentence- I am Mike. Before using this program, he could only repeat words one at a time on flashcards. Mike now understands how to read sentences.

It was an exciting night for this house. I called my husband, my mother and my husbands’ parents. It was my mother-in-law’s birthday so this would be a memorable birthday for her.

I was thrilled when I was able to reach Mike’s amazing pre-k teacher at home. She has been and continues to be such a great supporter for Mike’s success in kindergarten and my sanity as I worried and continue to worry about how my summer boy will do in kindergarten. To tell her Mike finally read a sentence was wonderful.

It was great to watch Sam talk to her. She has to be pretty patient to talk to Mike for 20 minutes when he spent so much of the time giggling. She told me that she looks forward to him reading to her one day.

That day came on Monday. Mike read three sentences to her at the preschool before he was dropped off for kindergarten. He read “I am Mike. I pat the cat. I see the cat.” from index cards.

Then, Mike brought in two cards to read to his kindergarten teacher, who had time for one card. He read “I see the cat.” to her. She said “nice job” and Mike was thrilled.

He is still struggling with rhyming and ending sounds but his work on ReadingEggs will help him, along with his kindergarten teacher, his reading specialist and me the nighttime teacher. Mike will prove he can face any academic challenge as long as people believe in him.

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