Getting help early on

Mike is still struggling with ending sounds of words. I am trying everything- worksheets, street signs, flashcards and anything that comes to my head.

His teacher has even pulled him aside for one-on-one help and Mike still doesn’t understand what is being asked of him. Now, his class is moving onto building three-letter words with the short a sound.

So will Mike fall behind in his class? No, because I am keeping track of his grades on I e-mailed his teacher on Friday because Mike got half the possible points on a combined beginning and ending sound activity for the letter P.

Mike will be getting at least two sessions a week with a reading specialist. Then, his teacher will decide where Mike needs to be placed in small group sessions for more help.

I was hoping Mike would get cute paper report cards for kindergarten, but this 21st century kindergarten is what students, parents and teachers need to make sure no child is left behind. Telling me that my son has a B in writing/reading on a paper report card does nothing for me.

Now, I know the points Mike gets for each graded activity so I understand which areas where he is doing fine and the areas where he needs help.

I am hoping Mike will mostly catch up with the class material by early November when I will attend his parent-teacher conference. I don’t want to cry or look like I’m about to cry at another parent-teacher conference.

Mike can learn any material expected of him. I just need to find the way to reach him so everything clicks in his head. I can’t make his teacher and reading specialist do all the work because this is equally my job.

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