A new challenge begins

I was glowing about my son’s grade in reading/writing a few days ago. Now, I am getting nervous again.

Mike’s grade in reading/writing has dropped 7 points because he is struggling with ending sounds of words, in addition to another 2 points lost on another ending sound quiz. This issue could really hurt his grades if I don’t find a way for Mike to understand ending word sounds.

Getting him to understand beginning word sounds was a struggle and took a lot of work. So many of the resources I have used with Mike don’t have the emphasis Mike needs for ending word sounds.

The educational DVDs available seem to focus a lot on beginning word sounds, rhyming and spelling. The phonics material I’ve seen don’t focus much on learning ending word sounds. It seems that the assumption is when a child learns all the letter sounds that he or she will understand beginning and ending word sounds naturally.

Mike went to an intensive early reading class this summer. The entire focus was letter sounds, rhyming and beginning word sounds. For the more than $300 I paid for the class, I wish there was some focus on ending word sounds.

Even one of the most popular shopping sites on the Internet- Amazon.com- lacks material on ending word sound recognition. I found four items for ending word sounds.

So, I am off to Imperial Parent Teacher Store in the morning to pick up a workbook on ending word sounds. I hope Mike picks up this concept quickly because he has so much to learn right now- write his last name, improve his letter writing, read short sentences and learn basic math concepts.

I am not waiting until later this month when his kindergarten teacher starts daily small group sessions for students who are struggling with material. I can’t have Mike get frustrated so early in the school year.

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