The first grades are in…

Kindergarten is showing to be nothing like I remembered. I don’t remember bringing a report card home or ever finding a kindergarten report card in my old school records.

Mike will not likely bring home a paper report card, either. Everything is online now on Edline. I was nervous when I found there were three reports on writing/reading, math and social studies for Mike.

Kindergarten has been going very smoothly. I was afraid to see the grades. Mike is smart and loves school but grades for kindergarten. Really?

But I was so thrilled when I saw the grades. Mike got an 88 for writing/reading, 80 for math and 95 for social studies.

Thankfully, the reports describe what areas in each subject were tested.

Mike had perfect scores on letter identification,  beginning sounds, sound identification and sight words. He struggled with ending sounds, which is an area I know Mike hasn’t grasped at home.

The math test was on positions, which was something Mike needed help with in his pre-k class. His pre-k teacher told me in February that Mike didn’t understand some position words. I didn’t realize that words such as above, below and beside would be covered as math in kindergarten.

Social studies seems pretty simple in kindergarten, thankfully. Mike got 9 out of 10 for learning rules and the full 10 points for Johnny Appleseed.

Let’s see what next month’s reports will bring.

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