Taking a look back and seeing today’s progress

I was a nervous wreck six months ago about sending Mike to kindergarten. He struggled with writing, cutting, phonics, following directions and math concepts.

Six months ago, the local school district evaluated him to determine whether Mike would be eligible for an IEP (individualized education plan). The school psychologist did not diagnosis Mike with a learning disability so Mike would enter kindergarten without an IEP.

He had an IEP for two years in preschool and now he would be on his own. That was so scary for me.

Today, I am looking at the psychologist’s report to see the progress Mike has made. Mike still struggles with writing and cutting, does okay in math and needs some prompting to complete work in class.

He needed an aide constantly in preschool for group instruction. Now the teacher prompts Mike throughout the day but Mike is on his way in becoming more independent.

The greatest progress I’ve seen in Mike is in his early reading skills. Six months ago,  Mike did not understand letter sounds in any way. He did not understand what I was asking him when I said  “What letter or sound does dog start with?” even if I showed him the word.

Mike also needed more fluency in recognizing letters and matching lower and upper case letters. He is now an expert in this area. Sometimes, he does confuse a few letter.

Today, these early reading skills are not an issue. Mike took the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills ) test recently. He tested in the middle of average for his grade level.

Six months ago, he tested the lowest score in the average range. For Mike to move away from borderline average makes me so proud.

I worked hard to find the right resources to help Mike. I kept in contact with his pre-k teacher for advice and support. Mike loved learning. I believed in him. He just needed to be reached in a different way and now he is shining.

See Resources for Kindergarten Prep to learn about the materials I used with Mike.

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