Barking mad for phonics

Mike was starting to get bored with his Leap Frog “Letter Factory” DVD. He needed something else to reinforce everything he learned about letter sounds.

Thankfully, his awesome preschool teacher bought him a Hot Dots Jr. set for patterns and sequencing. Mike really took to Ace – the talking and teaching dog- for Hot Dots Jr. cards. The barking and encouraging words from Ace made the cards fun for Mike.

I was curious whether the series had a set on phonics. I easily found the beginner phonics set at an educational toy store a few miles from my house. Mike was thrilled to continue working on his phonics.

The beginner phonics set has cards for rhyming and picking out the starting and ending sounds of words. That was just perfect to keep Mike enthusiastic about phonics.

So far, I have three sets from Hot Dots Jr.– patterns and sequencing, beginner phonics and numbers and counting. All these sets are wonderful and fun for a child like my son who gets easily distracted.

Sometimes Mike completed two sets a night, in addition to watching “Letter Factory” and reading books with me. I rotated the sets I used so he would not get bored too quickly with Hot Dots Jr.

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