A $2 DVD gets Mike to a new level

Mike is cruising through phonics worksheets in kindergarten. He was exposed to letter sounds in his pre-k class but I don’t think he really picked up the material in class.

Thanks to a $2 DVD, Mike is my little expert on letter sounds. I picked up Leap Frog’s “Letter Factory” at one of the largest used book sales in Pennsylvania in May. I was hoping to find some cheap movies for Mike and his brother in the DVD section.

When I saw the stash of Leap Frog DVDs for $2 a piece, I really hit the jackpot. Mike finished the ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy in mid-May so he needed something else for his bedtime activities.

“Letter Factory” was a hit with Mike. I told him he was watching a movie and he still believes he is watching a movie.

The other Leap Frog DVDs I picked up are “Talking Words Factory,” “Talking Words Factory 2- Code Word Caper,” and “Math Circus.” These other DVDs haven’t make the impact on Mike as much as “Letter Factory.” But maybe in a few months he will pick up new concepts from these DVDs.

Soon after Mike started watching “Letter Factory,” he would randomly tell me the first letter of words for things he saw. Mike still does it now.

Mike struggled with picking out the first letter of words on ABC Mouse activities but now he is impressing his kindergarten teacher with his phonemic awareness. Mike is missing only a few things on his phonics worksheets at school.

A little effort at home like showing Mike a Leap Frog DVD is keeping him in the game at kindergarten.

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