Success! Success! Kindergarten is a winner

I am nervous every day during the week when school ends after 3 p.m. Mike has been doing so well. All the stress of worrying all summer about whether Mike will do well in kindergarten. It is hard to stop worrying.

The work it took to get to this point has resulted in a breezy start to kindergarten.

Mike’s teacher keeps parents posted about students’ behavior with a weekly sheet that shows happy, straight and sad faces for each day. Mike gets the happy face every day.

And how is Mike doing academically? Wonderful! His phonemic awareness skills are impressing his teacher. He still needs to work on his cutting and writing skills.

So far, I have managed two face-to-face talks with Mike’s teacher. Mike is as independent as the other students! He is the second youngest student by one day. During the last two years of preschool, an aide had to help him a lot with worksheets. For now, that phase is over.

But Mike’s kindergarten is not all happy faces and stars on his worksheets. He has a lot of stars and happy faces on several worksheets. A few just have check marks because he made some mistakes.

This is not the kindergarten I remembered from my childhood, like I’ve been told by so many people. Mike’s teacher told him on the first day of kindergarten that there is no crying in kindergarten.

Imagine a kindergarten teacher saying that in the 1980s, the times of hugs, kisses, crafts, playtime and more playtime in kindergarten. Mike has already complained about the limited time to play. Now, kindergarten is sit down and let’s do our work.

So let’s see how Mike takes on the 21st century kindergarten.

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