A backup plan fails

This past January, my husband and I agreed that we would enroll Mike in kindergarten for the fall and hold a spot in the preschool as a backup plan.

The preschool’s director disagreed. She thought he would be better off in the full-day kindergarten program in the elementary school nearby. It was quite a shock for my husband and I.

The director thought Mike would get the help he really needed through the school district. The preschool did not have the resources that was needed to help Mike. I checked into local all-day pre-k programs for Mike. Montessori costs $750 per month and the nearby YMCA charges $650 a month. Those prices are way over our budget.

So what was I supposed to do with a child who is shy, hardly could follow two-or three-step directions and constantly needs an aide to complete academic worksheets and writing sheets? He did sit still in his seat and during story time, listen to his teacher and show enthusiasm for school every day.

At night, Mike did great with a pre-k book series and flash cards. He needed more than flash cards.

I finally gave into the e-mails from ABCMouse to do a free trial. I saw the constant ads on PBS Kids and Disney Jr. Mike completed levels 3-6 from January to May. He was filled with enthusiasm to learn his letters, colors, shapes, numbers and sight words on ABCMouse.

The original 30-minute sessions with flashcards expanded to 60-90 minutes on ABCMouse every night. Every time, he finished a level, I printed out his certificate and he showed it to his preschool teacher.

Then, preschool ended and I nervously and excitedly registered Mike for kindergarten. Time began counting down quickly to kindergarten and I knew I had to take advantage of every opportunity during the summer.

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